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Search Engines

  1. metaGer[.org], (non profit community search; foundation in Hannover/de, select your region/language)
  2. Qwant (European search engine based in France, select your country)
  3. Startpage (meta search engine, founded in the Netherlands, global company, select region/language)
  4. (servers in US)
  5. EntireWeb (according to Facebook likely from Sweden, website IP: UK)
  6. Peekier (visual, non-intrusive search, servers in USA, select region; see also: duckduckgo)
  7. Mojeek (UK)
  8. (open source meta search, language/time select, search instances in USA and Europe)
  9. Moose (Austrian search engine)
  10. Google (used many), (scientific article search)
  11. Bing (by Microsoft)
  12. (Berlin/de, select region/language) - the search engine that plants trees
  13. DuckDuckGo (US based search, Pennsylvania, which is oblidged due to the Patriot Act to disclose all your information to US-based secret services. Duckduckgo may not store your data but that does not help since the secret services read all along at their internet access point.)
  14. Fireball (Spinoff of the University of Berlin)
  15. Yandex (Russian search engine) , Baidu (Chinese)
  16. Crawlson (no statement about country of origin; crawls from India, US, Germany, UK, Iran)
  17. WebCrawler (by System1 like startpage)
  18. Yahoo (US, California)
  19. Ask (US, Oakland based, Ask Media Group)
  20. (US-based search, San Francisco)
  21. GigaBlast (alternative search, servers in US)
  22. SwissCows (swiss search engine, with ads, language can be selected)
  23. MillionShort (US based search engine)
  24. DogPile (US based search engine)
  25. Yacy (well-tried), Oasis-SE (in beta state): OSS/GPL - you need to install software and invest resources!
  26. cross reference: blog search engines

Map Services

  1., OpenStreetMap
  4. - estimate number of people
  5. satellite maps, globe: Google Earth Web, app/download: Marble (with OpenStreetMap)


  1. WunderGround (remembers settings, click on the wheel at the top-right to switch between °C and °F)
  2. (remembers, no ads, future +for some loc. past)
  3. AccuWeather (remembers), DarkSky,
  4. future/past, sunset/rise, moon [daylight earth map], night sky, meteor showers, world/local, TimeZone/DST
  5., whatis dBZ, Wikipedia
  6. worldwide: (English), (Español)
  7. satellite images:, Austria:,


News, Blogs & more

popular news

  1. Guardian (British, with own climate and environmental reporting)
  2. New York Times, Washington Post
  3. The New Yorker, The Atlantic
  4. BBC, CNN, Euronews, CNBC
  5. (30 languages)
  6. Wired: technology & science

more comprehensive News & Journal Index, English

News & Journals in German

Blogs, Recipes & NGOs (cooking, environment, etc.)


Encyclopediae, Lexica, Libraries

  1. Encyclopedia Britannica (search, browse)
  2. Wikipedia (free, open encyclopedia)
  3. Kiddle - search engine and lexicon for kids
  4. Library of Congress, The British Library
  5. Katalog der Deutschen NationalBibliothek , Zeitschriften Datenbank
  6. Verbundkatalog österr. Hochschulen, österreichische Nati.Bib.



Word Books / Automatic Text Translation

  1. Reverso Text Translation, Synonyms, Spell Check (many languages)
  2. Pons Wordbook/Text Translation (many languages)
  3. Leo Wordbook (English - German/Spanish/French/Russian, German - French/Spanish/Portuguese/Italian/Russian/Chinese)
  4. Cambridge Dictionary Wordbook (English - French/Portuguese/German)
  5. Google Translation Service Text Translation (many Languages)
  6. Linguee Wordbook, Text Translation (English2many)
  7. BeoLingus Wordbook (German - English/Spanish/Portuguese)
  8. online wordbook, conjugation and phrasebook
  9. Woxikon dictionaries, synonyms, rhymes, abbreviations, verbs
  10. Langenscheidt wordbooks: German to many languages
  11. offline wordbook howto for ding and

Single Language

  1. Cambridge Dictionary: words explained, different languages
  2. de: deutscher Wortschatz 1600-heute., Duden, Langenscheidt Fremdwörterbuch
  3. online conjugation, phrasebook and wordbook
  4. OpenThesaurus Deutsch(German): Synonyme, Bedeutungen
  5. Woxikon synonyms, rhymes, abbreviations, verbs, dictionaries
  6. Lingolia grammar and basic language skills for different languages
  7. porutuguese conjugation: Linux programs gui: gconjugue, cmd: conjugar, cmd: conjugue (package brazilian-conjugate) (packaged under Debian)
  8. Greek Alphabet , Cyrillic Alphabet

Online Learning, Translation

  1. Duolingo, Babbel, Busuu: learn a new language online via app/evtl. courses
  2. lang-8: Let our community of native speakers support your language learning.
  3. Wikibooks for more seldom languages, Guaraníme - podcast-blog
  4. Lingoda (online courses, to pay), (app, to pay, formerly livemocha)
  5., paid translations
  6. free beginner´s guide to Spanish, level assessment
  7. veintemundos: abandoned free online magazine for learning Spanish

Online Shopping ← click here!



  1. Tripadvisor accomodation, restaurants, things to do, travel forums, flights, cruises
  2. accomodation, flights, cars
  3. flights, hotels, train tickets
  4. (fr, de, es, pt, it, nl, cz, hu)
  5. stays/hotels # AirBNB bad and breakfast, accomodation rental
  6.,, German/Austrian last minute travels
  7. flights, hotels, cars # SunnyCars
  8. WeGo flights, hotels, activities, blog, → TravelBook (de): Reiseinfo
  9. planning, travel buddies, equipment, blogs
  10. de: Swoodoo (2021 Testsieger), (2018 Testsieger), Pauschalreisen, Flüge, Hotels, Mietwagen, Camper, Aktivitäten
  11. TUI (travel agency) #,, a.i.d.U (de/at/ch)
  12. Rome2Rio, ~ (flights, stays-cruises)
  13. vacationexpress (travels,etc.), Intrepid (people&planet-friendly adventures)
  14. flight booking platforms: SkyScanner,,,
  15. air lines: Air France, KLM, Iberia, Alitalia, Delta, Lufthansa, Austrian, FlyOne, EuroWings, Condor, Ryanair, TradeAir, TransAvia, WizzAir.
  16. EasyJet flights, holidays, cars (also an air line)

Outdoor Activities, Tours

  1. bergfex: at, de, fr, es, nl
  2. OutdoorActive

Find Partner, Dating, Events

  1. ParShip,,,
  2. travelling:,,
  3. misc:, (Reise +verschiedene Kontaktanzeigen)
  4. dancing: (UK), (many countries), (English speaking c., USA, +registration), (de,at,ch)
  5. (worldwide), (de), (de), (at), (Personen/Telefon finden)


Internet & Sharing Platforms

  1. YouTube (short-medium length videos of different type, link2it)
  2. Pinterest (recipes, home ideas, style inspiration - see it, make it, try it out)
  3. Medium - platform for news & contributions by individuals
  4. Spotify: music platform, ¡requires DRM!, select the right audio output sink.
  5. PearlTrees share web pages, images, notes, files and get recommendations
  6. (fr, de, es, pt) share presentations exported as .pptx or MS Office
  7. Flickr (browser&upload fotos, very short videos, link2it)
  8.,, (share photos/evtl. movies)

Social Networks, Group Chat

  1. Facebook (top dog)
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. Mastodon free, open source social network, not for profit
  5. TikTok Chinese Platform
  6. IRC: channel search for, (OSS & Linux help)
  7. IRC chat (#qemu etc., #debian)
  8. open chat services: Signal, Telegram, Jabber/XMPP (chat client needed, open account:, closed & owned by Facebook: WhatsApp

Work & Employment

  1. LinkedIn, Xing - profession related social networks
  2. Glassdoor search & rate companies, Kununu (de): Gehaltscheck, Blog
  3. worldwide: indeed, themuse, comparably select country/bottom & find company
  4. worldwide: fairygodboss, teamblind question forum, GreatPlaceToWork employer review
  5. USA: BuiltIn search by industry, spec. experience, find company, browse by section, jobcase job postings, careerbliss job postings
  6. USA misc: inhersight for women, ratemyinternships internship review platform
  7. by country: Canada, Australia, thejobcrowd UK

Free Email, Proxy, VPN & more

  1. Google Mail (largest postbox, largest emails, Google OAuth IMAP + SMTP, cellular registration required)
  2. Zoho Mail, Zoho Login (large postbox, large emails, IMAP + SMTP, own serial letter filtering for Inbox, cellular registration required, option in settings to activate IMAP is well hidden)
  3. GMX Mail (ads, cellular number required but no verification process)
  4. Protonmail (secure emailing)
  5. (create a mailing list for social change, VPN, email on invitation)
  6. Linux OpenVPNs: VPNgate-extract:
  7. free web proxy: (US, UK, FR, CA)
  8. One Time Emails: guerrillamail, 10minute-mail, tempmail, email-on-deck (most secure)


  1. Online Virus Scanners: MetaDefense, Kaspersky Online Scan, VirusTotal,, (unknown viruses often not found, MetaDefense may be best bet)
  2. CuckooSanbox (Open Source Automated Malware Detection, needs download now)
  3. Debian Security Mailing List
  4. debcheckroot check a Debian/Ubuntu installation against unknown rootkits (Linux: for known rootkits use rkhunter or chkrootkit, for viruses clamav)
  5. web page to jpeg-image: w2p
  6. pdf file to jpeg-image: Adobe pdf converter
  7. anonymous browsing with Tor: Tails, for maximum security: Whonix
  8. about DRM: Issues with Digital Rights Managament (with support of the FSF)
  9. encrypt/decrypt/sign with GNUPG on the command line (de) - this is PGP for Linux/BSD
  10. DANE test sites

OSS, Linux, Virtualization, Operating Systems +open source and free software

Creativity: Photos, Publishing & Hosting

Mathematics & Nature Sciences

Software Development


Miscellaneous Content

  1. IBAN/BIC conversion, account & bank number → IBAN
  2. business, scientific and fraction calculator
  3. onda - currency converter
  4. abcd: NATO phonetic alphabet, morse codes
  5. telephone country codes, country area, population, iso code, language codes, US federal states
  6. world postal codes (ZIP, PLZ, CP, CAP)
  7. convert temperature, length from meter ⇆ inch, etc.
  8. world clock (
  9., Linux: various tools
  10. online IP Geolocation, Linux: geoiplookup
  11. online whois database, Linux: whois
  12. | quickly view major topics of a website
  13. Wikipedia: ccTLD, gTLD what domains stand for, who powers them (cc ~ country code, g ~ generic)


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