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Mathematics, Nature & Formal Sciences




  1. open source/GPL: GNU Octave
  2. oss/GPL: Sagemath
  3. Maple (free trial)
  4. MathLab (need to register with email)
  5. Mathematica (at cost)

Blogs, Docs & Websites

  1. Deutsch, M. lernen:, matheguru,,
  2., math formulae:
  3. Eric Weisstein´s World of Science: mathematics, physics, chemistry, astronomy, biographies
  4. - physics
  5. de: openHPI: das Hasso-Plattner-Institut über Quantenalgorithmen, Baysian Data Analysis, Programmierung
  6. de:
  7. the ABC of nuclear science - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  8. Organic Chemistry Help
  9. WiredChemist: Instructional
  10. IAPWS: Int. Assoc. on Properties of Water and Steam, technical guides
  11. Random Thoughts and Fancy Math

Online Calculators, Misc

  1. Online Calculator - math, finance, chemistry, measure conversion, etc.
  2. Greek Alphabet
  3. Periodic Table: the chemical elements
  4. WolframAlpha: find formulae by text search
  5. kiddle/kpedia: science lexicon for kids
  6. TI Calculators:, some more TI-82 progs
  1. - scientific article search
  2. BASE | Bielefeld Academic Search Engine
  3. OpenKnowledgeMaps - create a knowledge map on a specific science topic
  4. - find open access books and resources
  5. 34 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books
  6. DOAJ: directory of open access journals and articles
  7. ask authors for article: ResearchGate, shadow services: Sci-Hub, LibGen

Journals, Conferences, Organizations

  1. Chemistry Conferences, org-links
  2. PLOS Public Library of Science - open access publisher
  3. CCSE: Journals (Canadian Center Sci. & Edu.), Asian Journal of Chemistry
  4. MDPI - open access journal publisher
  5. WiredChemist: Links: Journals, Opportunities, Instructional, Databases
  6. ALPO: Association of Lunar & Planetary Observations

News, Reading & Images

  1. all disciplines: Scientific American,,
  2. Quanta Magazine - physics, mathematics, biology, computer science
  3. popular science:
  4. National Geographic
  5. nature
  6. - physics news
  7. ScienceDaily - latest research news
  8. physics central
  9. NASA: visible earth
  10. NASA astronomy picture of the day archive
  11. crossref: News in English - Science & Technology🗞

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